What Are Fitness Trackers, and How Can They Help You?

The amount of energy that kids from this era have been enormous. The young warm blood in their veins keeps them active at any time of day. You all might think that is why a kid would need a fitness or health tracker. The answer is quite simple: the fitness trackers made for the kids are not ordinary fitness tracking devices. These watches are made in a way that they can be fun for the kids to wear. From reliability to battery life, these watches are built differently. The next thing that comes into mind is that why should your kid wear it? How will it help you or your kid? just like every other question, here’s the answer to this one too, every human being needs motivation in their life to work or do anything. Be it the janitor who cleans the floor or the boss of that same office; everyone needs something to push them an extra mile.

 Being an adult, we crave for validation and appreciation, think of our kids how they would feel when they know how much they have run today? how many steps they have taken today? Beyond all these adult-like things, there are games and rewards in these fitness trackers that will keep your child engaged, rather than making them feel burdened or bonded. 

Talking about how it can help you as a parent, in the first place, there is no better feeling to see your kid happy and healthy. With trackers for kids, you can have an eye on your child’s health. You can connect them to your smartphones, and there you go; you can see it all. The fun part is your child would still think that they have complete control over their health and physical activity. The good thing is your kid will be doing something healthy with these trackers rather than being at home and playing video games. Most of these fitness tracking watches come with a touch screen.

How Do They Work?

Technology has evolved so much that things are getting handy and easier to use. The case is the same with these fitness trackers. We might be a little old to understand the new world, but this thing is way easy to use. The first good thing about a kid fitness tracker is that your kid won’t need a smartphone to operate it. Like any other adult fitness tracker, kids’ activity trackers are the same with a three-axis accelerometer and motion sensor to determine whether the kid is running, standing still, or making any movement. These trackers for kids don’t track the calories as adult ones do, but almost every kid’s fitness tracker does track how many hours the kid has slept using a sleep tracker. With this, it gets easy for you to check on how active minutes your kid has spent in a day. All this data can be synced to the connected device. It can be either tablet of the kid or the guardian’s mobile phone.

Moreover, the stats can also be seen on the activity tracker screen, and the trackers offer badges and awards digitally when the kid achieves the set goal. It gives the kid motivation to do a little more next time. They can also compete among their friends and make fitness exciting. Unlike kids, these smart trackers are pretty handy.  

Are They Safe to Use?

Being parents, the question that pops up in your mind is whether these fitness bands are safe to use for our kids, as no one wants to spoil their kids by any means. Kids’ fitness trackers were made to make your life easier, so stop worrying so much about them. The junior fitness tracker always asks for parents’ approval to any request sent by a friend to compete in any fitness-based activities. With this, you will know what physical activity your kid is doing outside the house. All these things can be done through your phone while you sit in the place.

Furthermore, the fitness watches don’t show the location of the person wearing them. Hence they are pretty safe to wear. With all the extra features, safety is most prior one of them in these fitness trackers. 

Best Fitness Tracker You Can Find

Among hundreds of options, how can you know that what is best for your kid? We are here to guide what is best among the best. For every age group, there is a different kind of fitness tracker. Here is the list of the best fitness trackers according to age.

Leapfrog Leapband $35 (4-6 Years)

LeapFrog LeapBand is the best wearable fitness band you can get your kid of 4 to 6 at a reasonable price. This tracker comes up with extra features. It has virtual rewards for all the healthy eating and active minutes your kid completes. Be it a step counter or movement tracker; this is the best fitness monitoring device ever made for kids. This watch has nearly 50 challenges that can get you rewards. Talking about the reliability of these watches, your kid can also use them as an impromptu hammer if needed. Above all of this, it is water-resistant and shows the analog or digital clock with a bright screen. 

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 $80 (6-10 Years)

This is the kind of device that everyone dreams of having in their childhood. The excellent tracker comes in many themes such as Captain America, Minnie Mouse, Star Wars and much more. This attractive design sounds appealing. Some excellent features are left to hold your heart. Just like every other tracker, this can also be controlled by the parents via fitness apps. They can set up the chores and schedule using the phone app. The kid is rewarded with a special themed mission in the companion app for parents every time the task is completed, making everything exciting and fun. It comes with a stretchy band and has a waterproof design. It has the feature of a sleep tracker and heart rate monitors. With 1-year battery life, the hassle of charging is finished. 

Fitbit Ace $96 (Young Teens and Above)

For the grown-up kids, there are no better smartwatches than Fitbit Ace. When the kid reaches the teenage, they don’t want to wear kiddy things, so these trackers are ideal looking with a stylish design for young teens. Via family account function syncing from the app, parents can organize competitions; moreover, they can also give rewards and badges to the kids when they complete a 60-minute activity goal. The kid who is wearing it can track steps and can have a track of the health. While doing cardio, you can also measure the heart rate and track your workouts. The stats will motivate the kid to do a little more next time. Just like every other kids’ activity tracker, these watches are also waterproof trackers and have a battery life of 5 days, so you don’t have to charge them very often. The interchangeable straps and water resistance make them stand out. Reliability, coolness, and extra features are what this tracker offers you.

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To make your kid’s day productive, you should get them the fitness trainer to not be distracted by the indoor distractions. The list is right in front of you, and the choice is yours. Whatever you think is the best for your kid, buy it and see the increase in the productivity and health of your child for sure.