Fitbit is a fitness tracker used to track a user’s physical activity and progress. The device uses a combination of sensors. Such as accelerometers and altimeters to measure exercise patterns. Suppose you have not been able to sync your Fitbit device with the app on your smartphone. You probably have tried resetting the device or reinstalling the app. For Fitbit to work correctly, it needs to be synced with the app on your iPhone or Android phone through Bluetooth Smart technology. If Fitbit does not sync with your phone, you will need to contact the customer service of Fitbit.

Reasons for Fitbit Are Not Syncing

There are various reasons for Fitbit not syncing. The most common reason is low battery. If your Fitbit device runs out of battery, it will not sync with the app. So, you lose the accurate data of your physical activities done during this period. If you are using any other fitness tracker, you must have to face this problem. If you are wondering how to sync Fitbit with the app, please check the troubleshooting guide for your device.

To sync Fitbit with the app on your phone, you have to turn on Bluetooth Smart in your Windows or Mac computer. To turn on Bluetooth Smart in Mac OS X, open System Preferences, click on Bluetooth in the toolbar at the top left of the screen, and select Use Wi-Fi to pair devices. To turn on Bluetooth Smart in Windows, you need to use the Find My iPhone menu from Start Menu and enable it under the Options menu. After turning on Bluetooth Smart, open the Fitbit app and wait for a minute or two before pressing Sync Now button.

If your Fitbit device does not sync, it might have faced various other issues. You will need to reset your device or factory reset it. Press and hold the button located on the back of the device for about 10 seconds to reset the Fitbit device. If this does not help, you may need to reset your Fitbit device hard. For resetting help, contact the customer service of Fitbit. To hard reset Fitbit, switch off the device and remove the battery. Press and hold the button for a few seconds to enter recovery mode. If you are using an Android phone, you will have to run this from Recovery Mode. Once in recovery mode, factory reset your device by pressing the volume down button and power button simultaneously. After resetting your Fitbit, you need to charge it again before re-pairing it with the app on your phone.

You May Not Be Able to Sync Your Fitbit if One or More of These Errors Occurs

How to Add Another Fitbit Account?

To add another device to your account, you will need to turn on the Bluetooth Smart on the device and then sign out of Fitbit. After signing out of Fitbit, you will need to connect the Fitbit with the app.

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The main reason why some people don’t like using Fitbit is that its website is sometimes slow or unavailable. To fix this, I suggest using the mobile version of their website instead of their desktop one. The mobile site is fast and more reliable than the computer one. More data is collected every minute than on the desktop version, so it helps track users’ sleep patterns. Also, there are more features on the computer than on the phone, so there’s no need to use it if you don’t have access to a computer or tablet.